Author: Ambrose Zack Adams

Narrator: Ivan Andres Ley

Length: 11 hours and 23 minutes

Publisher: Kinetic Grappling

Series: The Serpent’s Heir, Book 1

Released: Jun. 11, 2020

Genre: Dark Fantasy

When Lucian Draco becomes the youngest person to ever be accepted into the Valiant Minds School of Magic, the fact that magic even exists at all is as much knowledge as he has on the subject. After a lifetime of being sheltered by his father, Lucian is more than ready to learn where he fits into the magical community…but the answer is more complicated than he’s prepared for.

Thrust into a new world of competitions and rivalries, fast friends and faster enemies, Lucian soon discovers he’s no ordinary mage – he’s the living host of a long-dormant spirit called the Dragon of the Mind, born with power and intelligence beyond his wildest dreams. But there’s a reason Lucian’s father kept the truth of this power hidden from his own son, and it’s not the only secret being kept. With supernatural threats looming on the horizon, including a bloodthirsty vampire aching to restart an ancient war, getting through school is about to become the least of Lucian’s worries.

From the time Ambrose Adams was a child, he enjoyed emerging himself in the worlds of fantasy and sci-fi. When reading books, watching television shows or movies, the mysterious worlds and creatures captivated Ambrose’s young mind and left him anticipating the next new realm. While continuing to be an avid reader through his adulthood, Ambrose started to have ideas of new worlds, characters, and stories for books of his own. However, he loathed writing, which made him hesitant and unsure of where to start. After 2 years of research, writing, revisions, more writing, and editing Ambrose wrote his first book – The Unseen Blade Book 1 of the Serpent’s Heir. He is looking forward to the doors this experience has opened and has already started writing the next book. When not engaging in his newfound hobby of writing or spending time with his wonderful family, Ambrose enjoys exercising, gaming, and training. He runs a successful Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school in College Station, TX. He was born and raised in Indianapolis, IN.


Narrator Bio

Audio book narrator Ivan Andres Ley was born in 1992 and grew up in McKinney, Texas. From his earliest days, Ley’s parents and grandparents instilled a love of reading and a love of listening to others read aloud. He still remembers vividly the times he was sent to dreamland by his grandmother’s readings of Dr. Suess and sitting wide-eyed listening to his father read The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe from C. S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia. Ley’s thirst for reading was never sated, and before long he began to read to others, beginning as early as elementary school by reading to his younger brothers. His love of storytelling and the performing arts led him to study music and stage craft, and he holds a bachelor’s degree in music education from Oklahoma State University and a master’s degree in Vocal Performance from the University of Houston. Ley currently teaches music and performs in operas professionally, but he never forgot his love of reading aloud for others. The Unseen Blade, Book 1 of The Serpent’s Heir is Ley’s first professionally published audio book. He hopes you will enjoy it and look forward to more audio books narrated by him soon.

Well well well… First I have to admit that I wasn’t sure what to think. The Unseen Blade wasn’t exactly like any other story I have read. I won’t say it started out slow, however I also won’t say that the story jumped right in. In a way the author, Ambrose Z. Adams, managed to give all of the information needed in a way that it didn’t drag on.

Now onto the characters! There is a pattern here that you will find. I wasn’t sure about our main male in this story at first. See always unsure. Lucian is actually a great character. He starts out young and excitable and you see his growth while still maintaining his personality that each character falls in love with. His crew is pretty awesome too and their growth also shows, but his is the major difference. The female lead in the story has a dramatic change as well. It’s amazing how it all comes together.

Now I will admit the storyline had me a bit confused at first. It all will come together by the end, however. I’m the beginning you get two totally different storylines that you don’t understand why they are both in the same story. Towards the end of the book you will find exactly how these go together. I wish there was a bit more information to explain some connection towards the beginning because it felt off to wait so long to understand.

Ivan Andres Ley did a great job narrating this story. He brought so much life to the characters. I felt like I was right there experiencing it all with the characters. Each scene was vivid to me. The production was overall great. I don’t recall any problems throughout with the production itself.

I am so glad I gave The Unseen Blade a chance. Ambrose seriously did an amazing job! I can’t wait to read more by this author especially if these characters are included! Seriously this book is an adventure any reader that loves a good paranormal/fantasy will definitely enjoy.

I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Ambrose Adams. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.

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